CITIC (Centre for Information and Communications Technology Research) is a unique research centre which promotes the advancement and excellence in R&D&i in the use of ICTs. With the participation of the University of A Coruña, CITIC is a meeting point between the university and companies that unites R&D departments of companies in the ICT sector with researchers from the university

In 2016 CITIC was awarded the distinction of Remarkable Research Centre in Galicia 2016-2019. It is the only ICT centre in Galicia to have received this honor, co-financed by the Regional Government of Galicia and by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund. This recognition was renewed in 2019 under the new designation of Research Centre of Galicia 2019 2022 (see more).


Centro de investigación TIC

Campus de Elviña s/n
15071 A Coruña - España
+34 981 16 70 00
+34 981 16 70 92


Main objectives:

To offer support to research groups, units and individual researchers from the UDC working on R+D+i projects in the ICT sector and who are members of the centre.

To develop methods and techniques to support research and to improve and broaden the range of services, all in accordance with the University of A Coruña’s scientific policy guidelines.

To offer guidance to the University community within its scope of action as well as to promote the transfer of knowledge and results to society.

To offer specialized technical training in its scope of action.

To actively participate in a mixed environment that enables university-industry collaboration, and more generally, university-society collaboration.