The Department of Culture, Education y University Order has recognised CITIC as a Remarkable Research Centre in Galicia for the period of 2016-2019. CITIC is the only ICT centre in Galicia to be honored with this distinction, co-financed by the regional government of Galicia and by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

With this support, CITIC will be able to consolidate the advancement and excellence of scientific knowledge in its technological areas, improve professionalization, increase the capacity for technological transfer and promote its internationalization.

You can check the actions carried out with the grant obtained as Remarkable Research Centre in Galicia  in Events and News sections.

The selection processes financed by those funds are the following:


PO FEDER Galicia 2014-2020.

Operation co-financed by the Regional Government of Galicia and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund with the objective of “promoting technological development, innovation, and quality research”

“A Way to Build Europe”